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Earrings Dhamani with Diamonds and Emeralds Tempus Collectoins

Brand: Dhamani 1969
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Product Stones (3)
Product Stones Emerald
Stone Treatment Others
Stone Shape Cushion
Stone Carat 17.20
Stone Color Green
Product Stones Diamond
Stone Color From H
Stone Color To H
Stone Clarity From Vvs2
Stone Clarity To Vs2
Stone Cut Na
Stone Shape Cushion
Stone Carat 4.11
Stone Color White
Product Stones Diamond
Stone Color From H
Stone Color To H
Stone Clarity From Vs2
Stone Clarity To Vs2
Stone Cut Na
Stone Shape Round
Stone Carat 0.72
Stone Color White
Product Storyline

Introducing a masterpiece of artistic jewelry, the Tempus Collections earrings captivate with their awe-inspiring beauty. A symphony of enchanting gemstones dances gracefully in this mesmerizing creation, crafted with utmost skill and vision. At the heart of these earrings, two magnificent Emerald gemstones steal the spotlight. Their lush green hues evoke a sense of natural splendor. These Emeralds possess an otherworldly allure, reflecting the mysteries of lush forests and verdant landscapes. Accentuating the Emeralds' elegance, two rectangular diamonds take their place in this artistic ensemble. Their precise cuts and pristine facets create a play of light that draws the eye. These diamonds, like pillars of shimmering brilliance, add a touch of modernity and structure to the overall design. Delicately adorning the composition, two round diamonds embrace the arrangement. Radiating with timeless elegance, these diamonds reveal their innate beauty to the world. Their rounded forms bring a sense of harmony and balance to the captivating tableau. The Tempus Collections earrings transcend mere accessories, emerging as wearable works of art. With every glance, the interplay of emerald and diamond unveils a narrative of nature's grandeur and the artistic vision behind the piece. A celebration of beauty, these earrings invite admiration and spark the imagination, leaving an indelible impression on all who behold them.


Introducing the exquisite earrings from the Tempus Collections, a true marvel of design and craftsmanship. The GW11.19/18KW earrings are a testament to elegance and sophistication, adorned with a captivating combination of gemstones and precious metals.

Crafted with utmost precision, these earrings feature a striking design in 18-karat white gold (18KW), known for its timeless allure and durability. The lustrous white gold setting serves as the perfect backdrop for the magnificent gemstones.

At the heart of each earring, you will find a mesmerizing EMerald weighing 17.20 carats. These stunning emeralds are the epitome of luxury, renowned for their deep green hue and alluring charm. With their rich color and exceptional clarity, they demand attention and make a bold statement.

Enhancing the allure of the earrings, two rectangular DEM4.11/2 diamonds are gracefully positioned on each earring. These diamonds boast a remarkable clarity range of H VVS2-VS2, as certified by the esteemed Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Their geometric shape adds a touch of contemporary elegance, perfectly complementing the overall design.

To further accentuate the brilliance of the earrings, two round RD0.72/2 diamonds are delicately set. These round diamonds, also certified by the GIA with a clarity rating of H VS2, bring a classic touch to the piece. Their timeless beauty and remarkable sparkle create a harmonious blend with the other gemstones.

These exceptional earrings from the Tempus Collections are a testament to refined taste and uncompromising quality. They embody sophistication and luxury, making them a perfect accessory for special occasions or to add a touch of glamour to everyday attire. With their remarkable gemstones and impeccable craftsmanship, these earrings are destined to be treasured for a lifetime.

Location Details
City Dubai
State Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates
Theme NONE
Occasion ALL
Designer Dhamani
Jewelry Earrings
Metal Attributes
Metal Weight 6.78
Weight Unit G
Metal Type Gold 18 K
Metal Color White
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